Series Name Description
BHM Bearhug The BEARHUG made of alloy steel hardened for heavy duty applications.
BMM Bearhug The BEARHUG with ISO metric threads and made of hardened alloy steel for heavy duty applications in the same configuration as the BM series.
HTW Hardened Tongued Washers Hardened washers with key at inner bore, the key of which limits the radial movement on a keyed shaft and the hardening of which protects soft lockwashers. Very useful as a spacer in assemblies and protection against heavy rotational thrust loads.
KMM Retaining Nut Retaining nuts of same configuration as the KM, but of hardened alloy steel. As good a load carrying capacity as KMH, but better interchangeability.
MS-172236-59 Retaining Nut Retaining nuts designed for aeronautical requirements, made of hardened alloy steel, and used in applications where a hardened retaining nut is desirable for increased load capacity yet reduced size in the assembly.
MS172201-23 Lockwasher Hardened lockwasher for use with the MS172236-MS172258 series retaining nuts.
NSH Shoelok The SHOELOK are precise adjustable threaded retaining devices for holding bearings and other power transmission components on shafts and spindles where clearance is available radially to secure the locking components.
NSHM Shoelok The SHOELOK made with ISO Metric threads made to closer tolerances as are all metric Whittet-Higgins products.

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