BLC Bearlok Shrink Disc


  • Balanced for High Speed Applications
  • Stronger to withstand Wear & Abuse
  • Locks More Securely than Conventional Collars
  • Made of Alloy Steel Black Oxide Coated
Bearlok Shrink Disk Collar are designed for securing various power transmission components to keyless shafts, for use as critical application shaft stops and in applications where installation access tangent to the shaft is unavailable. Bearlok Shrink Disc Collars are used to position and lock cam shafts, conveyor rolls, gears, pulleys, sheaves, sprockets, and a multitude of other machine components where exacting adjustment is not required to transmit thrust and torque loads. The Bearlok Shrink Disc Collars are an easy way to create a shoulder eliminating the need to machine expensive keyways, splines, and shoulders on rods, shafts and spindles.

Identification Bore
Outside Dia
BLC-750 0.750 1.985 0.850 0.564 CAD
BLC-1000 1.000 2.235 0.850 0.890 CAD
BLC-1250 1.250 2.725 1.115 1.632 CAD
BLC-1500 1.500 2.975 1.115 2.205 CAD
BLC-1750 1.750 3.225 1.115 2.860 CAD
BLC-2000 2.000 3.715 1.365 4.366 CAD
BLC-2250 2.250 3.965 1.365 5.342 CAD
BLC-2500 2.500 4.215 1.363 6.413 CAD

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